Cityscape Night 4K Wallpaper for PC Desktop

Add some flair to your desktop with this stunning wallpaper featuring a cityscape at night. The image captures tall buildings reflecting on the water's surface under the glow of the moon, creating a mesmerizing synthwave atmosphere.

Gorgeous Night Scene

The cityscape at night is a sight to behold, and this wallpaper does it justice. The tall buildings stretch up towards the sky, their reflections rippling in the water below. The moon adds a touch of magic to the scene, casting a soft glow over the city.

Futuristic Synthwave Atmosphere

The sleek lines and neon lights of the city give off a futuristic synthwave vibe. This wallpaper is perfect for anyone who loves this genre of music and its accompanying visual style. Set it as your desktop's wallpaper and bring a little bit of the synthwave world with you wherever you go.

High Quality Resolution

This cityscape night wallpaper is optimized for desktop displays, with a resolution of 4.096 x 2.400‬ pixels. The image is clear and crisp, ensuring that all the details of the cityscape and its reflections are visible on your desktop's screen.

Cityscape Night 4K Wallpaper for PC Desktop

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