Bring the darkness and brutality of the Berserk manga and anime series to your phone with this stunning OLED wallpaper.

Featuring the iconic Black Swordsman, Guts, this wallpaper is guaranteed to make a bold statement and set your phone apart from the rest.

Optimized for OLED Displays

This wallpaper is specifically designed for OLED displays, which means that it will take full advantage of the deep blacks and vibrant colors that OLED technology is known for. The dark tones and intense action of the Berserk series are perfectly suited for OLED displays, making this wallpaper a perfect match.

This Berserk OLED Wallpaper for Phone is a must-have for any fan of the series. It's the perfect way to bring a touch of darkness and intensity to your device. So, download it now and let Guts and his brutal world take over your phone.

Berserk black swordman guts OLED Wallpaper for Phone