Metallica HD wallpaper for phone

Take a look at this badass Metallica posters to use as background wallpaper on your iPhone or Android Phone.

Metallica heavy metal giant warrior robot
Art by signalnoise

Metallica badass poster wallpaper
Art by signalnoise

Metallica skeleton warrior wallpaper
Art by signalnoise

Art by DayneHenry

metallica wallpaper skeleton and snakes
Art by shiaaan

Metallica poster wallpaper terminator
Art by alextillbrook

Metallica black OLED wallpaper iphone
Art by decabet

Art by DayneHenry

cool wallpaper for iphone Metallica heavy metal
Art by DayneHenry

Metallica phone wallpaper
Art by DayneHenry

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Metallica robot
Art by 1shtar

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