How to create an online tier list

Using a ready-made template or creating one with the theme of your choice, learn how to assemble the ranking lists that have gone viral on the internet

Lists that are made in order to rank items according to levels established by their own creator, tier lists have gone viral on social networks. For those who want to participate in the game, answering a famous tier list or even creating one from scratch, we explain below in detail how and where to build yours . Check out!

Tier lists can be created through the TierMaker website , a platform that already has some ranking templates ready, with popular themes created by the users themselves. When using a site template to rank your site, you can name and edit the categories however you want, so you only need to create a template from scratch in cases where the theme is not yet available.

Time needed:  10 minutes.

To create a tier list on a particular topic, using a ready-made TierMaker template, follow these steps:

Go to the site creation area:
  1. Access the TierMaker website ( ) and, in the top menu, click on “Make a Template”;

Access the TierMaker website ( ) and, in the top menu, click on “Make a Template”

2 - Find the desired list:
In “Search if the Template Already Exists” enter the tier list theme you are looking for. Below the search bar, all the templates already created on the site on the subject will appear. Choose and click on the one that best fits your purpose. If you are not looking for a specific subject, in the top menu you can click on “Categories” and, according to the divisions, find a template with a theme that you find interesting;

Find the desired list

3. Edit the template:
After opening the tier list template, click on a category's gear icon. In the dialog box that will open, edit, if desired, the name of the category and the background color of the label. Also if you want, add or delete lines from the template, according to the number of levels you have planned for your ranking. Repeat this process for all other categories. As the changes are automatically saved, after finishing editing, close the dialog box at the “x”.

Notice that next to the gear icons for each category there are up and down arrows. If desired, use these arrows to rearrange the template's levels;

Edit the template

4. Rank items:
Made the edits, now it's time to distribute the items in their respective categories. To do this, click on an item and drag it to the desired level. Do this with all items;

Rank items

Save your tier list:
Once your ranking is finished, click on “Save/Dowload” and then on “Dowload Image” to save your tier list on your desktop. That's it, your tier list is already saved and now you can share it on social networks. If you have an account and are logged into TierMaker, you can share it through the website itself.

Save your tier list

If your intention, however, is to create a new tier list template, read the “Template Creation Guide” to understand what are the guidelines and recommended practices by the site for this action. If your template meets these criteria, create a TierMaker account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the TierMaker website ( );
  2. Click on “Make a Template” in the top menu;
  3. Click on “Make Your Own Template”;
  4. Make all edits to the template: give your tier list a name (subject); select your category; make a description of the topic; upload a cover photo; upload the items that will be ranked; add a URL for the item's image credits; set the orientation of the item images and change the category names if desired;
  5. Click on “Submit”;
  6. Okay, your new tier list template has been created. Now just rank the items in the categories and save the image to your computer.

With information: TierMaker

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