Pokémon | First episode of new anime is available on YouTube

Episode shows Ash Pikachu's birth

The Pokémon YouTube channel aired the first episode of the new anime, Pocket Monster, for free on YouTube, which shows just the beginning of Pikachu's history before he met Ash, while the young monster was just a little Pichu in the woods.

The video is without subtitles, but much of the episode shows only the Pichu speaking Pokémon language and does not need translation. In the other parts, when the characters talk in Japanese, it is possible to understand at least the context by already knowing the trajectory of the Pokémon trainer.

According to the official synopsis (via Crunchyroll), the episode “Birth of Pikachu” shows that in a forest somewhere in Kanto there was a lone Pichu. This little monster - who was still very young - had a certain date and farewell. This happened shortly before Ash and his partner Pikachu began traveling together. This was the beginning of the anime Pocket Monster.

The anime, called Pocket Monster, will take place in the regions of Kanto, Johto and Galar, which will be explored in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Pocket Monster debuted last Sunday (17) in Japan.